Grands Montets Téléphérique Station Bivouac

Mike and me spent the night on the floor of the Grands Montets Téléphérique Station in preparation for our Frendo-Ravanel attempt next morning. We were treated to some spectacular views towards the Dru and Mont Blanc massif as the sunset. As darkness fell two lights illuminated from the North Couloir of the Dru. The climbers appeared to still be ascending despite the late hour. Late in the night they would arrive after completing the route. Twice in the night the staff started the station machinery for what seemed like an hour at a time. I would trade camping on the Col du Midi for the floor of the Grands Montets station any night though.

Sunset over the Mont Blanc and the Dru from the Grands Montets téléphérique station 
Sunset from the Grands Montets téléphérique station
Lights of Chamonix
View from my sleeping bag in the Grands Montets téléphérique station


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