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Saltdean: Round Two

With an apparent premature end to the Scottish winter climbing season I was keen to get some more climbing done with axes. I headed down to Saltdean with Mike Moss and Kane Chandler. We all led Day Dreaming (C5) to warm-up and familiarise ourselves with chalk climbing. After this I was happy to second some routes after my exciting finale to my last trip to Saltdean. We climbed Back in Time (C5), The Strangeness and the Charm of the Quark (C5), and Fulmar (C6/7). On the latter I broke away from a small hold at half height. I got back on and finished the route without problems and with a bit more attention I could have cleaned the route. I rounded the day off with a short trad route called St Jerome (III) which finished at the lower-off to Day Dreaming. The climb was easy but it gave me a chance to practice placing some warthogs with my lump hammer in preparation for more committing routes.