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Unfinished Business on Skogshornsdiederet (M5, 300m)

The temperatures on Skogshorn had been well below zero since the weekend before last. The ground was no doubt fully frozen, but there had been no snow to really bring the mountain into a proper winter condition. At first it looked as though Skogshorn was going to get a good dump of snow prior to the weekend, then it looked as though there might possibly not be that much after all. A quick check on with someone in Hemsedal on Thursday confirmed 4-5cm of snow in the valley and with more expected it sounded as though Skogshorn would have a suitable winter jacket. With wind coming from the south, and widespread rain at lower elevations, together with a relatively mild freeze on Skogshorn I was also optimistic that the humid air would help form some Scottish style rime on the south face.

I haven't climbed much on Skogshorn for a multitude of reasons. Firstly I've found it really hard to find suitable partners who are psyched enough for long mixed routes and who have enough experien…