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Skagastølsryggen (n3+), Store Skagastølstind

Our 1am arrival at Turtagrø wasn't ideal preparation but my first glimpse of the Northern Lights on route had made it all worthwhile. We had originally planned to walk a short way towards the Tindeklub hut that night and camp in its vicinity, however now our thoughts were only concerned with immediate sleep. We promptly pitched the tent a short distance from the car park and crashed out. Four hours later the alarm sounded.

This was my partner Christian's third attempt at Skagastølsryggen, the long northern ridge extending from Store Skagastølstind, which includes the subsidiary peaks of Nordre, Midtre, and Vesle Skagastølstind. With no snow expected on the ridge and a fine weather forecast there was no reason for failure on this occasion in my mind, provided we were committed and organised.

There was little in the way of ascent or descent once the ridge was gained via a loose rocky gentle slope above the Tindeklub hut. Much of the ridge involved easy scrambling, without much …