Tiptoe through the Tulips (IV), Saltdean

After last week's excitement the only natural thing to do this weekend was to go and climb another Saltdean trad chalk route. We warmed up on Slab Route before attempting the route immediately left of Brighton Rock called Tiptoe through the Tulips (also grade IV).

The route was unexpectedly straightforward and climbable in a single pitch. Although slightly steeper than the Brighton Rock, the chalk was generally better quality. A narrow ramp breeched the steep final walls avoiding the drama of last week. I think I could have soloed this so it is quite ironic that it is the same grade as Brighton Rock But that it chalk climbing for you.

Laurence climbing Tiptoe through the Tulips (IV)
With time to spare we climbed the route between Back in Time and Day Dreaming before heading back to London.


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