Krokan, Rjukan

After yesterday's performance it felt only right to return to Krokan to actually tick some routes. Stewart led Bullen (WI3) to begin with, following the narrow channel on the far right-hand side. This felt steady enough on second.

Heavy snowfall this season
Stewart climbing Bullen (WI3)
Taking advantage of the cragging nature of Krokan, we top-roped nearby Tipp (WI5) in order to get more practice on WI5 terrain. Without the hassle of ice screws the route felt easier than yesterday's effort although I still needed to briefly pause at two thirds height to relive the forearms.

Me top-roping Tipp (WI5)
Next it was time for me to lead a WI4. Gaustaspøkelse to the right of Tipp looked a perfect first WI4 lead for me as the steep climbing was interspersed with easier ground to allow recovery. It proved a great route. The main fun saved itself for the top where hanging ice positioned a short distance away from the main ice wall allowed for some Scottish-style back-and-foot chimneying to the top.

Me leading Gaustaspøkelse (WI4)
Me leading Gaustaspøkelse (WI4)
Me leading the top section of Gaustaspøkelse (WI4)
With three routes climbed we decided to return to the Lower Gorge for a final route. Stewart led Swiss Army (Right Start) although deviated from the classic line by staying left at half height rather than mounting the far right steepening. The route was probably more like WI3 via this line. Another great day's climbing at Rjukan.

Stewart leading the start of Swiss Army (Right Start) (WI4)


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